Subconverter Json

The JSON subconverter is an open-source application used to convert and manage configuration files for proxy services such as V2Ray, Shadowsocks, Trojan and others. The JSON subconverter accepts input in the form of a proxy configuration in JSON format and produces output in a format according to user needs, such as V2Ray or Shadowsocks format. Using the JSON Subconverter, users can easily manage their proxy configuration and make changes as needed.

New Update

1. SSH Vmess Vless Trojan Shadowsocks Socks5 sudah support mode enhanched

2. Vless ws ntls support path /kuota-habis/

3. Vmess ws ntls support path /worryfree

Generate configuration for Json

Please input one URL import and click submit then this tool will generate a new configuration for Json.