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WireGuard is an open source Virtual Private Network (VPN) protocol developed to provide secure, fast, and easy-to-use network connections. WireGuard is designed to maintain data privacy and security by encrypting all network traffic that goes through a VPN connection. The advantages of WireGuard are fast and efficient performance, and relatively small code size and easy to audit.

New Update

1. Vmess Vless Trojan Shadowsocks Socks5 sudah support mode HttpUpgrade

2. SSH Vmess Vless Trojan Shadowsocks Socks5 sudah support mode enhanched

2. Vless ws ntls support path /kuota-habis/

3. Vmess ws ntls support path /worryfree

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SG1 3 Day

Singapore Singapore

Server :
Location : Singapore
Daily Quota Limit : Unlimited
Protocol : Wireguard
Port : 7070
Max Login : 1
Active For: 3 Days
Limit : 5 accounts/day
Status : 5 Available